City of Rocks State Park
Near Faywood, NM

The City of Rocks State Park is located near very rural Faywood, NM about 40-miles southeast of Silver City, NM 3-miles east of the intersection of US Highway 180 and New Mexico State Route 61.  SR 61 is a good, paved road as are the interior roads of the park.  The park has two primary functions, camping and day use.

There are several different camping areas but only one is 'developed' (30-amp electric and water).  The rest are dry camping sites suitable for RVs and tents.  Some of the campsites can be reserved while others are on a first-come basis.  A tour of the park revealed that all of the campsites we saw had a grill and picnic table.   We saw all sizes of RVs in the park from the smallest tear drops to 35-ft motor homes and 5th wheels.  There is no RV dump station on the property but one is reportedly located at a private resort 1 or 2 miles back towards US 180.  A person I spoke with at the campground told me that depending on which ranger is on duty gray water may be able to be dumped on the ground or into pits.  Beyond that the nearest dump station would be in Silver City, NM.  Pit toilets are located throughout the park with flush toilets up near the visitor center.  I saw no evidence of showers.  An entrance fee is charged for day use ($5 per car), developed camping is $14 per day and dry camping is $4 per day.  Campers do not need to pay the $5 entrance fee.  The day use fee is done on the honor system and we saw no rangers during our 3-hr visit.  Pets are permitted but must be leashed at all times.  Complaints are dealt with swiftly with violators being asked to leave the park. 

One of the neat things to do in the park is hike.  Don't know how big the park is (the visitor center was closed during our visit) but there are hiking trails everywhere.  One of them is the Solar System Trail.  As the name implies the Solar System Trail is all about our solar system.  Beginning with the sun and continuing with each of the planets the park has installed signs with information about the sun and each planet.  I was able to follow this trail with little trouble all the way to Uranus.  It took a bit of doing to find Neptune as the trail either petered out or I somehow wandered off it.  I never did find the 'Pluto' sign or the observatory that was supposed to be at the end of the trail.  I was told that star parties are held in the park about once a month.

An overlook is a mile away but within the park and can be accessed via auto or hiking trail.  There is a decent sized parking lot at the overlook but one or two large RVs would fill it up quickly so I would not recommend taking larger than a van up there.  I saw no light poles in the park and was told that when the sun goes down the park gets v-e-r-y dark and the sky fairly explodes with stars.  The lights at the visitor center are aimed in such a way that they cause no light pollution.

This park is very quiet and very clean.  I saw only minimal signs of littering.  If you're looking for a neat place to hike or camp then you should check out The City of Rocks.