The Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ houses somewhere around 10,000 musical instruments from 200 countries around the world.  When we arrived we found a large, open and airy building on the far, far northside of Phoenix.  All tours are self-guided but guests are given wireless headsets enabling them to hear the various instruments on display.  As you approach a display you'll see a video of one or more of the instruments in that display.  The wireless headset will provide the video's companion audio.  The at the desk told us not to try to see all of the instruments in one day and added that he could spend 3-hours in the section of African instruments.  Well, we were able to see all of the instruments in abour 4-hours.  While there are a few unique insruments most are merely derivations of basic percussion, woodwinds and brass.  What is unique is how the instruments look but, for me anyway, if you've seen one drum you've pretty much seen them all.  Donna disagreed and thoroughly enjoyed all of the museum displays.  In addition to the instrument displays there was a large area dedicated to the influence latin music has had in America over the years and a smaller section showcasing the likes of John Lennon, George Benson, Paul Simon and others.  Non-flash photography/videography is permitted.

You know me... If It Ain't Country, It Ain't Music.  Lo and behold there was a small display dedicated to country music.

If you go be sure to bring money.  Adult admission is $15, seniors are $13 and kids 6-17 will be charged $10.  Children under 6 are free.  And while those prices are not out of line with other museums we've visited the prices in the on-site cafe are through the roof!  You know by our 'Top 10 Rules For Fine Dining' that we enjoy the more simple fare.  When we went to lunch we found that the featured meal was Calamari.  If that's your thing then good for you but not us.  We ordered a couple of burgers, a small bottle of water and a small bottle of Coke.  That set us back nearly $23!!  The burger was good but it wasn't that good!  Like I said...bring money.

There was one, probably unintentional, particularly humorus display in the Asian room.   The theme of the museum is "Music Is The Language To The Soul".  Keep that in mind.  As you turn a corner in the Asian Room you come upon a large display of South Korean musical instruments.  The display takes up parts of three walls.

When I turned around I saw the North Korean display.  Remember the museum's slogan?  Well, the North Korean display speaks volumes.  This is it.

Probably unintentional but still very telling...and accurate.

All in all it was an enjoyable day but if you've got a special love for music or if you're a musician then you just might more than a few hours to see this museum.




South African 'Oil Can Guitar'

Chinese Olympic Drum

Dance Organ

Eric Clapton's Guitar

WW2 Steinway G.I. Piano

Player Piano