The General Crook Trail/Rim Rock Road

This trail is a 54-mile loop road through the Coconino National Forest.  Approximately 2/3rds of the drive is unpaved forest service road.  The loop starts about 30-miles east of Camp Verde, AZ. at the intersection of state routes 87 and 260.  From there we headed north on SR87 to Forest Service Road 95.  We stopped at the Blue Ridge Ranger Station to have our lunch and to check on the condition and status of the forest service roads. 

Our weather was clear and sunny with temps in the mid 60's.  By the time we got to the high point on the road - 7500' feet ASL - the temperature had chilled to the upper 50's and the wind was really blowing. The ranger informed us that all of the forest service roads were open and passable so off we went. 

At one point along the road we came across an area that had burned in a wildfire.  It was sad to see so many trees destroyed but at the same time we were afforded a maginificent view of the valley and distant mountain ranges.  Being a 'ham' I put put a call on my radio and was answered by several hams in Phoenix, 74-miles to the south. 

It took about 4-hours to traverse the loop road but it was a great day and a great experience.  I hope you enjoy the photos.