Driving The Apache Trail

The Apache Trail is a 45-mile scenic drive through the desert and Superstition Mountains between Apache Junction and Roosevelt, Arizona.  It rolls through some really beautiful desert and mountain country and past three man-made lakes...Canyon Lake, Apache Lake and Roosevelt Lake...which supply the greater Phoenix area with a majority of it's fresh water.   Twenty-two miles of the drive are unpaved which makes it especially fun in a Jeep.    Just before you leave the paved portion of the trail the small town...population 6...of Tortilla Flat beckons.  Part tourist trap, part gathering spot for locals, Tortilla Flat is an actual town that began as a stage stop in 1904.  If you find yourself in the area try a cheeseburger and listen to the great, live country music on the patio.  Heading eastbound on the trail about 4-miles east of Tortilla Flat you'll encounter Fish Kill Hill, a 3-mile, 6+% grade that winds you down to the desert floor.  The trail on the hill varies from 1 to 2 vehicles wide.  It's those one vehicle wide sections that can be fun!

Canyon Lake

Apache Lake

Roosevelt Lake

Downtown Tortilla Flat

The Patio Band